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Research Activities

After several years in technology research, I changed my focus towards the development of next generation business software while remaining involved in related research areas.

My current work is centered around Internet of Things where I'm primarily interested in applications and innovations for enabling the Digital Transformation with a special focus on transport and logistics. This is, among many others, based on research insights on the so-called Future Internet that aims at leveraging emerging technologies like IoT, IoS, Cloud, and Business Networks for novel industrial solutions for the 21st century. Previously, I have been working on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) with particular attention to the Semantic Web and semantically enabled SOA technologies.

While referring to my publication list for details on published research results, the following provides information on my activities in the scientific community.

PhD Thesis

In my PhD thesis - entitled "Scalable Semantic Web Service Discovery for Goal-driven Service Oriented Architectures" - I have developed an efficient and scalable technique for automated Web service discovery in Semantic Web service environments. This is based on semantic matchmaking that works on sufficiently rich functional descriptions of goals and Web services, and is extended with a caching mechanism for enhancing the computational performance of the discovery task.

R&D Projects

FIspace. As a case project in Phase 2 of the Future Internet PPP program run be the European Commission, the FIspace project develops a novel cloud-based infrastructure for seamless and integrated Collaboration in Business Networks with early trails in Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics.

  • Homepage: www.fispace.eu
  • Role: Chief Software Engineer, FI PPP Steering Board Deputy Member, SAP Project Lead
  • Period: 2013 - 2015

FInest. As the use case project on Transport & Logistics in the Future Internet PPP program run be the European Commission, the FInest Project develops a next generation platform for optimizing the collaboration within logistics business networks.

  • Homepage: www.finest-ppp.eu
  • Role: FI PPP Alignment Coordinator, FI PPP Steering Board Member, SAP Project Lead
  • Period: 2011 - 2013

SHAPE. The EU FP 7 STREP Project SHAPE develops an integrated framework for the model-driven development of SOA applications with extensions for variability modeling and support for several technology platforms, including meta-models, a development tool suite, and methodological support for the engigneering process of SOA systems.

SUPER. The EU FP 6 Integrated Project SUPER develops a methodology and technical infrastructure for semantically enhancing Business Process Management (BPM) technologies.

  • Homepage: http://ip-super.org/
  • Role: Researcher, lead tutorials & industry training
  • Period: 2007 - 2008

DIP. The EU Integrated Project DIP has developed a comprehensive framework for Semantic Web Services (SWS), providing a technical infrastructure wherein clients and providers in SOA environments can interact and cooperate automatically.

Semantic Web Fred (SWF). The SWF project funded by the Austrian government has extended the agent platform developed by NetDynamics (Vienna) with Semantic Web and Semantic Web service technologies.

h-TechSight. The EU FP 5 Project h-Techight has developed a ontology-based knowledge management platform for knowledge intensive industries.

  • Homepage: Summary
  • Role: Researcher and Management Board Member
  • Period: 2003 - 2004


I have been responsible for the organization of a series of more than 30 tutorials on Semantic Web and Semantic Web Service technologies that have been held in international events as well as for industry in the years 2004 to 2007. The aim has been to provide attendees with a comprehensive overview on the latest developments in Semantic Web and semantic SOA technologies, ranging from high-level presentations to detailed hands-on trainings on the usage of the technologies developed at DERI and its partner institutes.

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